Folding Partitions – All You Need to Know about Them

Folding partitions or sometimes called bi-fold doors are popular items used in interior design. They are considered to be an effective way to separate rooms without consuming a large space. Well, what are they actually? And how can they help you upgrade your interior design?
Folding Partitions – Overview
Folding partitions are decorative items that utilize two or more wooden panels on their construction. Each of the panels is connected through a hinge so they can be folded or opened up whenever it is necessary. In the past, the items were usually found on the front part of a storage cupboard. But now, along with their increasing popularity, the partitions often found in larger sizes and they are used to divide rooms at home to create more spaces. Generally, you can use the bi-fold doors to help you create a means of opening out space. In this way, you will be able to give an instant look of roominess to your house. The number of panels used in the bi-fold doors will depend on the size of your room. The larger size your room is, then the more panels you need for the door. You can either choose a few larger panels or many smaller ones. However, you need to think about the effect resulted from the panels once they are folded. A few larger panels might consume more space, but they will allow you to place stuff on either side of the doors.
What Are They Made From?
Most of the time, the bi-fold doors are made of materials such as aluminum and woods. While the bi-fold doors made of aluminum are ideal for industrial need, the wooden folding partitions will be perfect to be installed at home. The wooden bi-fold doors will add an attractive and classic look to your interior design. In addition, they are also easy to paint to allow you to change the colors each time you get bored. The ones with a veneer finish are ideal if you need to pay less for the bi-fold doors. To get the veneer finish, you will need to cover the doors by using a softwood with a thin layer. This is also a useful and simple trick when you need to create an impression that the doors are made of solid oak. However, whatever materials you prefer for your bi-fold doors, you need to consider what you need the most from the partitions before installing.

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